Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bridal Brigade Takes Manhattan (Part 3)

Hi Dolls! Sorry for the delay on this third installation, but I've been uber-busy lately. I promise it won't happen again (cross my heart).

So, Saturday morning I wake up a couple minutes before my alarm, and I can practically feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. I was so excited, but also terribly nervous all at once... which is probably why I almost passed out in the shower. True story. I had a mild panic attack over it, but whatev, I was getting my wedding dress so it was going to take a little more than a touch of postural hypo tension to stop me from going to Kleinfeld's.

(Sidenote: Although I am always thankful to have StoveTop in my life, that morning was just one of those times when I would have been lost if she wasn't there. Have I ever mentioned that StoveTop is a top-notch hair stylist? Well she is, and if there is anything that can calm me down when I am all manic it's someone giving me an amazeball blowout. Back to the story...)

After all of us had finally pulled ourselves together (only running an hour late... shocking...) Mama came to pick us up, bearing gifts in the form of piping hot cinnamon rolls (some would argue too hot judging by the black bottoms, but we weren't complaining) and venti treats from Starbucks. At this point everything was going swimmingly, but of course, the universe just could not let my life continue on that smoothly...

Out of nowhere, it hit me.

You know that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach where you think "I'm-going-to-be-sick- but-if-I-open-my-mouth-to-tell-anyone-I-am-for-sure-going-to-be-sick"? That one. I don't know if it was the nerves, the fact that I might be actually getting sick, or that my Spanx were too tight (or most likely a combination), but I felt like hell.... and I had 3 hours and 45 minutes left of a 4 hours drive. Eek!

Lucky for me, Mama knows me like the back of her own hand. She looks and me and says in her sweetest voice "Are you okay?" with a look on her face that says "Don't you dare think about puking in my car" which brought a tiny smile to my face. All the girls pitched in with their MD level advice: "take the velcro rollers out of your hair and press your face to the window", "take your Spanx off", "maybe you're allergic to your eyelash glue", "remember that SATC episode when Carrie got a rash from trying on wedding dresses"... I started to feel a little better after that, but I felt tons better when I saw I had missed a call from the one and only, Henry Roth, inviting the girls and I to lunch prior to my appointment. Two things here:

1. How fabulous is that? I used to think that there was nothing more glamorous than applying Chanel No. 5 at the Wynn (wearing one of their fabulous robes) before a VIP night on the Strip, but I was wrong. When a designer of Henry's caliber invites you to lunch... well... then you know what glam really is.

2. I wish that I could write in an Aussie accent because it is so amazingly cheerful, and I cannot help but smile every time he spoke. Seriously. I saved one of his voice mails for when I have a bad day.

I won't bore all of you with the details of us driving into the city because it really was not as eventful as I expected. We didn't really get lost or anything. I did get really excited when we passed through Jersey, but if you know me at all you'd have figured that. Parking wasn't that bad either, and we found our way to our lunch destination just fine.

We rounded the corner onto 20th, and there stood a very well dressed man in a fantastic one-of-a-kind suit. We had that awkward 10 seconds of "I-think-this-is-who-I'm-looking-for-but-I've-never-seen-you-before" before the screaming and giggling commenced (and didn't stop for another four hours).

I even brought Henry some homemade limoncello!

I think I'm going to cut this entry here only because the rest of the story is a whirlwind of laughs, tears and surprises. If I get going on it now this post will be twenty pages long! Buona notte!

Until next time Dolls... Tanti Baci!! xoxo

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The "Bridal Brigade" Takes Manhattan (Part 2)

After a few tweets, a million texts and one phone call with Henry regarding his excitement over his "Bride on wheels!", my mind was set. It took a few days to work out the logistics, but by Friday afternoon we were en route!

The Plan:
Drive from Cleveland to DC to pick up Mama and Red. Leave DC Saturday morning for NYC, and head back later that night. Then, head back to Cleveland Sunday. (20 total hours in the car over three days + countless "gown miles")

The Players:
MOH - My younger sister Stephanie
StoveTop - My childhood friend Amanda (@mandy0514)
Mama - My "berry-best" from high school Shardae
Red - My college housemate, sorority sister, partner-in-crime Lauren

The drive to DC was more accurately a five hour jam session on wheels. Aside from the music, it was a lot of this...


Anyway, things livened up once I was reunited with Red in DC. A giant bottle of Jester's, two bottles of Sangiovese at Two Amys (yum!), and it was just like old times!

All the girls had a great dinner together, reminiscing, planning and thinking about the great adventure that we were going to embark on tomorrow. Eventually, the giggles died down enough for us to get some rest, and I finally fell asleep with images of ball gowns dancing in my head...

Dolls, I can't wait to tell you about NYC because aside from a faceless homeless man telling me he wanted to stab me (SVU anyone?), it was the most wonderful experience of my life!

Until next time dolls... Tanti Baci!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The "Bridal Brigade" Takes Manhattan (Part 1)

I don't know what more to say about this weekend, other than it was one of the most wonderful, unforgettable, fabulous weekends of my entire life. Better than when I met Mike Tyson at Caesar's Palace? Absolutely. Chatting it up with Albie Manzo? Definitely. Going to NYC for the Cosmo's Hottest Bachelor contest because I nominated the winner? Getting closer. (By the way, that's a story for another time dolls)...

It all started about two weeks ago when I was "casually" browsing the Kleinfeld's website looking for the perfect wedding gown. I was just getting to that point where I was completely overwhelmed by organza, beading, tulle and lace when... BAM ... there it was. The most elegant, delicate, classic creation I have ever laid eyes on. I had to have it. I NEEDED it. In that instant, Henry Roth became the Starbucks to my Britney Spears, the Charlie Sheen to my Porn Star...

Obviously, I went right to Twitter (@allegedlyfff) with the news that I had found my dress, but it clearly wasn't available in Ohio (what ever is?). Imagine my surprise when Mr. Henry Roth (@1henryroth) tweeted me back! <Insert excited, girly shriek here> Not only did he tweet me back, but he asked me to come meet him at Kleinfeld's. KLEINFELD'S! The absolute mecca of bridal fashion. <Insert even higher pitched shriek>

So, what to do? Apologize to Henry, but traveling to NYC is just impossible on such short notice? Puh-lease. If any of you actually thought I would say "no" to that opportunity just stop reading now because you clearly don't belong. Obviously, I called my girls, packed my bags and started east...

Check back soon for all the details on my champagne-brunch with Henry, the majesty that is Kleinfeld's and just exactly how much Starbucks is needed to fuel 20 hours of driving in one weekend...

Until next time dolls... Tanti Baci!! xoxo

Oh! My loves, I almost forgot! Don't forget to check out my dear Henry's account of our destined meeting:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of an Era

The day has finally come dolls...
It's time for me to hang up my seven-inch, silver, strappy stilettos because my days of gallivanting down the Strip as a single girl are officially over. Finito.
That's right, Bear (finally) proposed. After three years together he popped the question Christmas Eve on a perfectly romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride...

... and I've even got the rock to prove it...

I am beyond thrilled about entering this new chapter of my life (tentatively titled "A Pretty Girl's Guide to... Marriage?). Not so surprisingly, I have already encountered my first "that would only happen to you" moment involving the forthcoming nuptials. Can't wait to tell you about it lovelies, but I've got a Stella-puppy that needs some lovin'.
Until next time dolls... Tanti Baci!! XOXO

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Girl Shoes

Hi Dolls!! I want to introduce you to the newest members to my "Vegas-Only" wardrobe...

I'm in love...

I promise that this post isn't just to show off my new Loubs, they have inspired me to bring an issue that is important to my heart to the masses...

If you cannot wear "big girl shoes" all night, then don't wear them at all.

I have been at way too many dances, weddings. parties where girls have showed up in sky-high heels, only to have them end up under the table with in an hour. This is unacceptable. Don't even get me started on girls that do that in Vegas... I mean, really, do you know how filthy those floors have got to be?

The shoes you show up in should be the shoes you leave in, no matter what. Here are a few tips to help keep your Choos securely on your feet:

  • If you know it's going to be a long night of dancing make sure it won't be the first time you've worn that stellar pair of stilettos.
  • To break in your dancing shoes quick just borrow a pair of your boyfriend's athletic socks (theirs tend to be thicker), and walk around the house in them as you get ready. You'll definitely look goofy with thick white socks pouring over your new BCBG pumps, but your toesies will be thanking you later!
  • If you are an amateur level shoe-wearer (don't be offended, we all have to start somewhere) then wedges are your best bet. They'll still give you the height without the pain.

Now that I have put that out there, I better not see any of you walking out of TAO with your Manolos in your hand.

Until next time dolls... Baci!! XOXO

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Gentleman's Guide to Vegas (Part 2)

I am so sorry that this took so long to post, loves. I just started a new job and it has been kicking my Juicy Couture-clad behind this month!

The last two gentlemen on our "panel of experts" have a few things in common:

1. They are both handsome, Italian boys from Jersey
2. They are both adorable in every sense of the word (Seriously. Wait until you see the dimples on these two...)
3. I made a complete ass of myself the first time I spoke to them

...moving on...

The Resident

Name: Chef Geno Bernardo
Vegas Status: Executive Chef at Nove (Palms)

When I was in Vegas the last time, the Dolls and I were so lucky to meet Chef Geno when we were dining at Nove. He was nice enough to overlook the obnoxious-ness of our bellini-fueled ramblings, and treat a few starstruck midwestern girls to some yummy espresso shots, a VIP tour of the kitchen and some very fierce pictures on Nove's luxurious couches. Now this Jersey-born gentleman did me another favor by passing on his expert tips and observations to any man who wants to do Vegas like a pro...

So Geno, how do you think guys prep for Vegas?
-What do you mean prep? Like cooking?
No doll, like what do they pack, what they plan to do…
-I think every guy that comes to Vegas wants to be someone that they can’t be at home. Wearing sunglasses at night. Different clothes... all that.
Any tips for them on how to maximize their Vegas experience? Beside from going to Nove of course.
-Pool parties.... High Society on Sunday....Many hours at strip clubs....Renting Harleys for the day.... A lot of golf and beer pong at Todd English pub.... Girl watching at the Palms

Grazie sweetheart, as always you've been nothing but wonderful! Baci e abbracci!!

Follow Geno on Twitter @ChefGeno and @NoveLV

The Celeb

Name: Albie Manzo

Vegas Status: Celeb (Real Housewives of New Jersey)

Albie... sigh...

Well, any ounce of journalistic integrity that I thought I might have had went right out the window as soon as I got on the phone with this bel ragazzo. The second he told me he was down "at the Shore with the family", I lost my train of thought completely and was sucked in by his "olive oil voice and guinea charm..." I am looking at my notes from our interview and they are just a jumble of words like "PURE, Jet, pool at the Mirage..." (I am guessing his itinerary from his last Vegas trip?) and "Social House - Awesome steak house" (maybe I should give up writing all together...). There also might have been hearts drawn on the corner of my notepad, but I will not confirm or deny.

Even through my wretched (and embarrassing) interviewing skills, Albie was able to give some really great pieces of advice that I cannot stress enough...

  • Have a plan
  • Know what you want to do
  • Go with the right group of people
  • Let the fun come to you

Those are four of the best tips you can take with you when heading to Vegas. You'll still have a blast... without ending up on the roof of Caesar's Palace.

Oh yea, one more thing Albie didn't want to forget...

"I am going to sound like such a Jersey boy saying this... I can't go without my hair gel."


Follow Albie on Twitter @albiemanzo

Until next time dolls... Baci!! XOXO

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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Gentleman's Guide to Vegas (Part 1)

Quick question, how many of you have seen the following quote as someone's FB status or tweet:

"Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon."

Approximately a gajillion times? Yea, me too. Don't get me wrong, I love the Hangover, BUT I can imagine that the fine members of the LVPD or the poor people that have to work the front desk at Ceasar's feel a little differently. Seriously, how many times a day do you think they get asked "Is this hotel pager friendly?"

Clearly, going to Vegas trying to act out your own version is probably a pretty bad idea. I don't imagine that many cops will let you off of grand theft auto in exchange for getting tasered. BUT there is definitely nothing wrong with going with your boys! Obviously, I am not an expert on male-bonding trips to Sin City, however, I think I know a few guys who might be...

The Socialite

Name: Patrick Ina

Vegas Status: First Timer

When Patty told me that he would (coincidentally) be in Vegas the same weekend as the dolls and me, I nearly fainted from excitement. He is like a brother to me, and romping down the Strip with him seemed like a dream come true! ... And it was! The vodka-fueled heart to hearts, dance parties and constant VIP status was just the break we needed from the Cleveland scene.
As a Vegas-newbie I was curious to see what advice he could offer to other first timers. The first piece he gave was "Don't get lost in the atmosphere the first night". SO true. Vegas can be super-overwhelming, and that is why I really encourage trying to prepare yourself before hand (more on that later).

Since Pat is also quite the fashionisto, I wanted to see what he would recommend to pack. A few things on his list included: at least one suit, a bathing suit and then simple jeans and t shirts. (If only it was that easy for us girls...)

One last piece of advice from Pat for the gentlemen out there: "Do NOT use your credit/debit card at the strip clubs. Cash only."

Follow Patrick on Twitter @PeePo007

The Man's Man

Name: Adam Sockel (aka Meathead)

Vegas Status: Partner in Crime

One thing I can tell you about Meathead is that I do not know any other (non-celebrity) male that can do Vegas like this kid can. He definitely knows how to capture what he has dubbed "the Vegas state of mind", which he defined as:

"No sleep. Bars til 5am. Martini for breakfast. Blackjack at 7am. Two hundred dollars worth of drinking without dinner and not caring. Dressing to the 9's during the day and the 11's at night. Knowing that anything could happen... and if you're doing it right, it probably will."

The perfect combination of gambling, drinking and living life in the fab lane... just what Vegas was built for.

And, obviously, because it's Meathead we're talking about, he had to leave me with a little piece of girl related advice for the men out there: "Never walk away from a heater, but ALWAYS walk away from a high maintenance blonde."

Amen, doll.

Follow Adam on Twitter @meatheadcincy

The Pro

Name: Joe Salvaggi

Vegas Status: Professional Poker Player

My boy Joe Sal gave me so many good tips that I couldn't narrow them down! Here they are, straight from his Blackberry to mine:

"Two "must haves":
1. Girls. They are key unless you are onVIP lists and/or trying to pay off door-men. You are going to have to wait in line for everything. If you have hot girls with you, you'll get right through the lines. (PGGTV note: It has been my experience that it's 2-4 girls to every 1 guy)

2. Solid shoes and jeans. They look for for a reason not to let dudes into the clubs. Dress shoes and True Religions minimum! (a man after my own heart!) Dress pants work too.

Poker tournaments are the best at the Venetian. The best bang for your buck cash game is the Bellagio all day! All the high rollers are there. Downtown you can find cheap Blackjack ($25 minimum anywhere on the Strip).

Poolside doesn't get better than Wet Republic at the MGM. Best adult pool and DJ on the Strip, BUT don't get the smoothies. Too much sugar... bad for the hangover!"

Check back in a few days when I introduce you to the Resident and the Celeb in Part 2!!

Until next time dolls... Baci!! XOXO

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